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Explorer 2 Pipe Crawler

The Explorer 2 pipe crawler is a compact, rugged device developed to be used in drainage systems in the nuclear industry. The unit is fitted with probes to monitor Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation levels, has a front facing LED illuminated colour camera and is capable of measuring the distance within a 100M length of pipe to  potential sources of contamination.

The design currently includes for a range of detachable wheels making it suitable for pipes ranging from 6-9 inches in diameter, but designs for additional sizes are currently being developed.

The Explorer 2 is fitted with opposing synchronised DC motors which provide the considerable torque needed to transport the crawler up to 100 meters within the pipe system. The power supply to the crawler and the information back from the detectors and camera are via a 26 core screened umbilical cable which is connected by an IP 66 rated plug and socket arrangement at the crawler and via a sophisticated slip ring system at the monitoring station. The monitoring station comprises a custom built cabinet housing the colour TV screen, radiation monitors, speed, direction and distance measuring control equipment all of which is mounted on a wheeled manoeuvrable trolley.   

Due to the flexibility of the front end camera and detector mounting frame and the fact that all devices are connected to the crawler body via IP66 plug and sockets, it can easily be modified to accept a wide range of detector and devices.

 Explorer 2