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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Elecsis forms part of a group specialising in waste reduction, recycling and clean renewable energy. We use proven, warrantable, lower-cost ways of obtaining energy, recycling industrial and municipal waste then transforming it into profit solutions.

We provide technical proven solutions to recover energy from waste through the process of gasification as well as the technical support in the application of alternative energy. Whilst improving our clients’ recovery and cost-saving initiatives as well as self-sufficiency in energy provision through the use of our waste-to-energy schemes, sourcing energy from recycled waste facilitates an ethically viable solution to today’s energy crisis contributing to the preservation of our environment for present and future generations.


Gasification is a conversion process in an oxygen deficient atmosphere converting any carbon containing material into a synthetic gas composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen to be used as a fuel to generate energy. Gasification offers the cleanest, most efficient method available to produce synthetic gas, which can be used in place of natural gas to generate energy.


Alternative Energy

The group provides technical proven gasification solutions to recover energy from waste and to use alternative energy.


Recycling Waste

Our expertise in recycling waste adds value to our clients' recovery and cost-savings initiatives, helping to conserve global energy resources.